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Sixth form. Words. The Story about One Day.

This is the story about one day
In very strange town, deserted and grey.
Next to empty mine I met a big owl.
I was scared and screamed. That's not all.

I am not a naughty girl.
I live in the crowded city
In wealthy and small
Family without any creatures.

And I don't know what
To do in the ghost town.
I am helpless and worried

Girls from my generation
Of the twenty first century
Cannot be such invisible.
Please, somebody, please, rescue me!

Suddenly from the darkness
In long cape on the horse,
I saw a knight from my sketch,
Shy and powerful like award.

Like throughout the ages
He took me on his hands.
I felt his great strength
and by it was awaked!

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Рубрика: Литература ~ Поэзия ~ Стихи для детей
Опубликовано: 24.03.2020


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