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Garry Cross - Анжела (love metal version of the 1993 song, v2)


When a boredom suddenly finds you,
It can be so unbearably difficult
banish sadness...
and now comes the hour of memories
About the wonderful time when above us
the star of love was shining...
maybe it was,
Just a young fervor...
so why hasn′t it cooled down?
After all, our novel has sunk into the summer without a trace,
It′s time for me to forget it -
but no, it hurts.
But, nevertheless, I feel it with every cell of my body -
You couldn′t forget me either.
Not so easy to forget:
And the joy of our first meetings,
Naive words simple speech,
And how they could not save
such a bright love.

My angel, the savior,
We can′t get along with fate,
Not to return to the past!
My guardian angel,
Your name is with me,
Forever with me,
In my heart forever!

But somehow an accident brought us face to face,
And I got bored with my hopelessness
cold talk...
how far we have become from each other...
The last chance is mercilessly scared
The affectation of the principles of pride.
But who among us assumed
The plot is complex, a simple ending?..
And, as if, a big gap appeared in my memory.
Now I′m afraid to meet you again:
It won′t heal my soul in any way -
it will only aggravate the pain.
But it beckons again with an unknown force
From afar, and barely perceptible,
The look of your unique eyes.
Without the right to deceive,
Piercing the fog,
As a star mascot -
Your look...
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