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BANZAI - 20 (live performance in 1999)


Twenty years is a long time:
You entered a different life through the threshold.
Through the threshold…

You′ll understand on the way:
With whom to go, where to go, why to go,
And what to find.

But there are days when it′s so hard,
No urine, not a drop of strength!
There is one consoling thought: so it is necessary…
And very much: if you want to live, taste the salt of sweat.

Is twenty years a lot or a little?
Twenty years is the end of the beginning.

All carelessness is behind,
Infinity is ahead. Do not wait for fate,
And go to her yourself.

You′ll make a mistake by accident,
But meet the trouble with hostility, break through the way,
And don′t get bored!

With each step, the path is difficult,
But there is hope and a dream.
Youth can no longer be returned –
Clothes will decay... clothes, but not the soul!
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