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BANZAI - Звуковая блокада (live performance in 1999)


As we all love silence very much,
But we do not know how to cherish.
We scared even Satan,
What a sin to conceal.
Engines roar, liners squeal,
Trains rumble tirelessly.
And so it is everywhere, always...
But you wait, don′t cry,
Don′t hide your head in the sand like an ostrich.

Don′t confuse it with deafness
Your peace of mind.
Will you have time to get into the coffin,
Where will the ashes be guarded
A Deaf Eternity Of Silence.

But there was a crank on earth:
Natural silence instead
I built myself a strong sarcophagus
Made of concrete walls.
And behind the wall, the turbine noise has stopped
, The rumble of cars has not been heard for a long time,
And you′re alone in the wilderness.
What has fear done to you?
You are out of tune with your head!

And the primordial world is full of sounds,
Folding into the music of the soul.
And a slender harmony, and an impeccable rhythm
Brings harmony.
But a strange principle is familiar to you:
There is no music more beautiful than silence...
empty, ringing silence.
Not for long so crazy,
Until you find peace in yourself.
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