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ИЗ ПЕПЛА - Яблоко раздора (grunge version of the 1992 song)


Oh, how much flattery and deception
We poured out with you in full!
But, nevertheless, life has not become more beautiful,
And she became more gloomy.

We stand aloof,
Against each other,
And there′s a void between us.
We are afraid to submit
Each other′s hands -
We are afraid of meeting like fire!

Let it be a cloudy day,
The nights will become blind!
After all, this vile shadow
The ground is grinding under us.

Let the truth and trembling be better
Permeate the body,
Than this sweet lie
Intoxicating without limit!

The Apple Of Discord Has Fallen,
It fell from the Tree of Love.
He cannot escape the shame,
Wormy revenge and dirt.

Now I′m waiting for that day,
When will we be together -
Let′s look into our eyes.
And we will understand
That the laws of flattery are not for us,
And we only care about the truth.
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