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BANZAI - Моя боль (remastering of the 2000 song "Russia")


My pain, my sadness and sadness, Mother Russia!
How many troubles, bitter torments have you endured on your way!
What have the Herods done to you!?
They have desecrated your temples!

I′m in debt. I′m running to your crying, your heart-rending scream.
No, I′m not lying: I can′t see this godlessness.
Choking, I pray in hot tears,
I conjure you: Russia rise up!

Russia... Russia! Holy Fatherland!
Do you remember the golden ages of your life?
Forgive the deeds of sinful children,
Is there hope in them, and warm them with faith!

They could not bring them to their knees either with fire or with a sword.
They have entwined you with a Kumach, they have overcome you with an abusive word
Those who sold their soul to the devil,
Vice has been elevated to virtue.

Will I live? Will I make it to those long-awaited years,
Those times when people′s souls radiate light?
...And words are inseparable from deeds;
Rule: Faith, Hope, Love.
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