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OGMA - Смерч


From a lethargic sleep, silence suddenly awoke.
Here, the thunder crashed, and the frozen brains came to life.
Don′t say you′re tired when all your thoughts are in a heap.
Your turn has come, your time has come to kill the shameful calm.
If you are afraid and tremble in the knees, as before the execution,
Then it′s not too late to turn off the path.
But you know that the roadside is dust in the eyes
And choking with burning, so you lost this life.

Still the same tornado, the all-devouring dragon
The cold light took the last secrets with it.
And do not catch up with his rapid flight,
If you do not curb it, it will tear out any networks.

Day after day you pray to Heaven on your knees,
Protect the rotten flesh from insidious troubles.
You repent of your sins, exposing your soul.
Isn′t it better to be yourself, to trust in fate?
Brush away a tear with your hand, stand up, walk into the wind -
Stop feeding the grave worms!
But drink the cup of fear to the bottom, because life is one,
And there are so many pitiful, meaningless deaths in it!
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