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OGMA - Крылья


I remember: in a previous life, I was floating
On the wings above the ground...
hundreds of years have passed, it would not hurt me
Soar into the sky, but shake the old days.
I know: they won′t let you wear
these wings on your back,
And I tried furtively to make a wing,
But I was unlucky to take off every time.

I see: the bird soars in the sky -
This right is not given to it for nothing.
If, suddenly, you find yourself at the bottom,
So, fly even in your sleep!
Day and night the firmament beckons with height,
I can′t resist the greatness of the thought.
No hope for a quick response,
I call after the birds:

Give me wings,
You can′t sit on the bottom forever!
View from a height in reality -
What I live for in the world.
Mother earth is on fire-I see it in a prophetic dream.
Waking up in a cold sweat,
I lead a dream,
Stepping over the line.

Where in the maze of questions
That exit is a secret one,
What leads to the comprehension of another life,
To cope with the pull of the earth?
" Mystic! - , angry laughter is heard from the crowd, -
Mystic, you′re crazy!"
But I forgive this ingratiating cry,
It′s not like me to bargain with fate.

And as long as I live on earth,
And peace feasts on the world,
I′ll dream in my sleep,
Filled with a dream.
And in the morning on the canvas with a wave of the brush
I will draw a masterpiece, but without a drop of self-interest,
And they will fly up over this picture
The words of my song...
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