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Semargl′off son - Се ля ви


I′ve always been unlucky in love.
And lucky, only, in death.
So, call, don′t call –
only the devils will hear.
Oh, it′s not easy to be known as a god…
It′s even harder to break into people.
And it remains to be a slave
Their defeated illusions.
The last drop in the bowl -
Imperishable, but, alas, the fire of hope is extinguished.

Maybe I was a " nobody»…
And, it is unlikely that I will become "everything".
I am one of those who do not know peace,
When there is a complete calm around.
So, what do I want and why?
I don′t know myself at all.
Nothing came to me without a fight,
After all, even the closest is hundreds of miles away!

I don′t remember who I was yesterday…
I do not know what I will become tomorrow…
And I will suffer until the morning,
I′ll tell you at dawn: "Basta!"
On the threshold of a new day,
He brushed the sticky mud from his shoes.
And behind the sad shadow
I will leave blind doubts laughing.
It′s enough to be a pawn in your own hands!
It hurts me even in my dreams!

This is "selyavi"...
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