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Semargl′off son - Проклятая ночь


Beyond the night is the dim light of cold stars.
Open your eyes-the emptiness of false dreams.
We discovered the secret — it was like a dream.
But the fire has gone out — you no longer believe me.
You leave, and you take your name away,
Leaving only the breath heat.

Thrice cursed,
This damned night!
No, I can′t
This black day to drive away.

I′m tired of thoughts, I′m tired of prophetic dreams,
From suffocating days and changeable winds.
Anticipating the pleasure, or, perhaps, trouble,
Remembering the sweetness, I cry out in a half-delirium:
"You will return, the hour will come!
You will understand everything, but not now."

Midnight again…
There is no burning caress, no fire.
Only the cold,
A sleepless night, cold without you.
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