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Garry Cross - Исфара


Among the mountains lies a plain,
On which it is quiet, peaceful
Whiling away his old age,
And he starts young.

Someone loves, someone believes,
Or just a hypocrite.
Someone is crying, and someone is laughing
Over a life without a reason.

Isfara-the city of songs and poems,
Fragrant gardens
Isfara is a city of masters,
And dreams come true.

This city was founded
(and perhaps conquered)
By Alexander the Great
In those distant centuries.

If you are tired on the road,
And my legs won′t obey me,
Then wait, and be enchanted!
Which is literally " east farah!"

The city breathes a new century,
Updated by a person:
There′s a swarm of cars on the roads,
And the light of the night shop windows…

Changes a lot about yourself,
But as before drowns
In a sea of green and light,
Pleasing people.
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