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BANZAI - Пегас


The old wise epic says:
"The way to the world of miracles is open to all!"
The way to the world of miracles,
but not into the dark forest open to everyone.

But the winged horse is Pegasus
He′ll choose one of us.
Everyone will be stunned
the clatter of hooves,
everything will shake...
and someone will yell:
"As you want, so live!
As you can, so breathe!"
Yes, I can′t and I don′t want to!
And I′ll pay for it in full...
Pegasus, you call us to the sky!
Pegasus, the hour is full of temptation…

At night, sitting by the window,
Waiting for that winged horse.
Just don′t sleep:
keep your eyes open,
don′t miss it!

Suddenly, from a height, flapping a wing,
He came straight to the house.
You′re crazy,
but I managed to ride it,
And you flew...
and in the sky you sang:
"I live as I want!
I′m breathing as hard as I can! "
But there′s one thing you won′t understand -
You can′t get off the ground again...never!

Pegasus, our finest hour is coming!
Pegasus, let us ascend to Parnassus!

To those left behind,
We must go through the thorns.
In the same world of wonders,
only through the forest
it is necessary to pass the way.

We lost a lot of strength,
But no one asked for mercy.
Who taught them,
inspired by the feat,

And everyone repeated:
"As you want, so live!
As you can, so breathe!»
But remember for the ages,
That a friend′s faithful hand is dear!

Pegasus, you are defeated without embellishment!
Pegasus, your rider is out of sight!
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