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BANZAI - Ходоки


Let′s talk, friends of the same age, let′s go, with you
Face-to-face, or heart-to-heart!
What is painful in this life, and disturbs the mind?
Open the door! No wonder we came to you...
because everyone of you knows how much a pound is worth,
Everyone knows what life is.
Your young fervor divides the motley world
On, either black or white.

But what is the secret that beckons you on your way?
The backpacks are getting heavier...
we can′t sit still for long,
After all, we are walkers!

Listen, friend, leave the damn syringe alone,
Drop the cigarette butt and the glass of wine!
Oh, how many things in the world have to be done,
How many holes will we have to patch!
And youth is a miracle-a mystery of nature,
But in which you and I are ignorant.
Remember, friend, be forever young,
Until you are committed to the fire!

Promises a lot of new meetings,
Dashing events and zigzags are a complete fate.
We will go into the ashy heat, and into the wild wind,
And in winter-on the thin edge of the ice.
And maybe we′ll be swallowed up in a dead silence,
It′s like walking among graves,
But somewhere there are bursts of jubilation
Give us a lot of fresh energy!
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