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BANZAI - Триколор


The heroes of that era sleep in the ground,
But in the centuries unfading lines:
The hour when the dawn rose was imminent -
The flame of October stirred the world.
The people broke the steel chains,
He crushed the bastions of the support.
But when the tyrants built Armageddon,
he began to shed tears of blood.

Flesh of the flesh, flesh of the flesh
Your descendants honor you.
Blood from blood, blood from blood
A proud banner flies over the country-
the tricolor.

Neither Jesus Christ nor Monte Cristo,
Hardly experienced, so much endured.
All that fell to the lot-the people withstood.
All he had suffered, all he had endured.
They were stronger than hardened steel,
They were not inferior to troubles and enemies.
How " our Youth went on a sabre campaign” ...
under the gun on the arable land in that hungry year!

And to this day, the look of the spirit is oppressive,
We look again with hope into the coming age.
Sons and daughters of heroes of the past
They enter a new world-without war and troubles.
Now space has become closer to us,
The atom moves ships, cars.
Revolution steps into the XXI century,
Time puts everything on a three-color track.
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