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BANZAI - Жизнь под ударом


If I knew where to fall,I would spread straw.
I wouldn′t have gotten bogged down in the swamp if I′d followed a different path.
I killed time for nothing, and did not think, did not guess,
I understood: life is under attack, and otherwise-write lost.

Thank God I′m awake. Better late than never.
And for a moment he looked back, as if the days were flying by.
Stop hiding in the bushes. There′s no escaping fate.
After all, all the bridges are burned and there is no way back.

Evil fate is only a delight to the heart.
Evil fate – as in the summer heat of the water coolness.
Evil fate is a joy to the soul.
Evil fate is my reward.

He was blind and despised.
I was a fool, and now I have an epiphany.
You know exactly how much, and from where, and how much,
That′s the trouble, you just can′t find it in the daytime with fire.

Just not to give up the slack.
Oh, not a bullet in the back.
Deliver us, Lord, from all filth.
And there will be a celebration on our street.
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