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BANZAI - Остановись, мгновение!


The day will come, the hour will come,
When I can see you.
How your appearance has changed!
And the look in your eyes is not the same.
The mirage of doubt melts
In the void of resentment.
Under the heat of wild anger
The spring will dry up of kindness,
Where you and I used to drink water.

Time flows like a river,
Years like a round dance
Circling in the field of life.
The ticking of the clock sunk into my soul,
Like a hammer to an anvil.
The pulse beat echoes his heart proudly.
And it will burst with joy,
When it feels the warmth of other hearts.
Well, in the meantime, the soul is silent,
And for such a welcome meeting
Day and night it yearns.

Stop, moment!
You′re full of oblivion.
Wait, stop!

The hour has come, the happy moment -
I have learned the secret of time,
And I gained the trust of my family and friends.
On the long road I lost it
A meager load of bizarre thoughts.

Why watch the clock happy?
After all, he is loyal to her, as always, for the first time.
But dear to the lonely
That hour of the surf of wondrous, free thoughts.
I pray you to restore my hermit spirit in time.
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